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Lab Benches-Steel And Wood Lab Bench

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ZHIHAO provides (stainless) steel lab  benches, metal frame wood cabinets lab benches, wood lab benches,polypropylene lab benches in a  variety of styles in order to meet different applications.
ZHIHAO Products Applications:

Our products serve laboratory environments in manufacturing, health care, chemical, science, food research, pharmaceutical and school facilities worldwide.

Choice of Bench Top:
Chemical resistant laminate (12.7mm/14.6mm/19mm  thickness )
Trespa (13mm/16mm/20mm thickness )
Wilsonart (12.7mm/14.6mm/19mm thickness)
Epoxy resin (15mm/19mm/25mm thickness)
Durcon epoxy resin (19mm/25mm thickness)
Stainless steel.( 25mm thickness )
Ceramics ( 20mm thickness )
Marble (20mm thickness)
C-frame for wall bench
H-frame for island bench
Floor mounted
Portable lab bench
Dimension of side bench:
L*W750*H750mm for sitting
L*W750*H900mm for standing
Or according to requirements.
​Dimension of island bench:
L*W1500*H750mm for sitting
L*W1500*H900mm for standing
Or according to requirements.
stainless steel bench

Metal  Frame:
60*40*1.5mm steel tube coated with epoxy resin powder;
Steel  Cabinets and Drawers:
Heavy gauge formed 1.0mm cold-rolled and welded steel cabinet body  construction provides strength and durability. Electrostatic epoxy applied  powder coat paint system for superior corrosion resistance. Full height  removable back provides full access to service chase.
Telescoping panels, painted inside and out. Sound deadening materials are  between panels. Interchangeable, interlocking drawer head, sound deadened is  for quiet operation. Nylon tired stainless steel ball bearing drawer rollers  for smooth operation.
Adjustable nylon threaded foot;
Stainless steel  cabinets and drawers: 
Made by 304 stainless steel sheet 1.0mm thick. Handles, hings, rollers are all stainless steel. Adjustable nylon thread foot.
Wooden Cabinets and Drawers:
Doors and drawer panel are made by 18mm thick melamine faced (medium density fiberboard) MDF, the side panels, shelves and wall back are made by 15mm thick melamine faced MDF. All exposed front of the body is edged with 2.0mm PVC tape using hot-melt glue at a temperature of 205 degrees celcius.Nylon tired stainless steel ball bearing drawer rollers for smooth  operation.
Hings can open 90 degree or 165 degree.
Adjustable nylon threaded foot;
  (1) Reagent Shelf:
  The main frame is made of cold-rolled steel with 1.5mm thickness, coated with  epoxy powder.
  The shelf is made of reinforce glass with 12mm thickness and stainless steel  tube to be guardrail. The shelves can be adjustable.
  (2) Sinks: PP, Epoxy Resin, Stainless Steel, Ceramic
  (3) Pegboard:PP, Epoxy resin  and phenolic resin pegboards are black. Stainless steel pegboards in its color.
  (4) Water taps: solid brass, stainless steel
  (5) Gas Outlet: solid brass,  stainless steel
  (6) Eye Wash:solid brass, stainless steel

ZHIHAO Products Lists:

science lab benches :wooden lab benches, metal frame lab benches, (stainless) steel lab benches;
lab cabinets: cheap wooden storage cabinets, steel lab cabinets, stainless steel storage cabinets, corrosive cabinets for strong acid and alkali; Lab cabinets can add axial flow fan for chemical storage; flammable cabinets;
lab hood: steel lab fume cupboard; stainless steel fume hood;
vertical laminar flow hood, horizontal laminar flow cabinet, desk top laminar flow clean bench;
ductless fume hoods
carbon filter ductless chemical storage cabinets
safety shower and emergency eyewash
water taps, gas taps, sinks, and pegboards, lab stools
lab counter tops and bench tops
student desks and chairs, etc


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